Istanbul, 2014-06-23

Merhaba, fine dining, what is that in fact? They know what it is at Delicatessen. They have two locations. One in Nişantaşı and one in Shishane. I went to the second one. Once you enter you will see it is a small and cosy place to be. A long beautiful bar were they make delicious cocktails.

There are only four tables in the first room. When you go downstairs you will walk through the kitchen. You can sit there as wel and watch the cooks doing their work. What they create is awesome. When you look at the menu you will see a classic french influenced menu.

We started with a shared seafood platter with a big choice of different raw fishes. Afterwards I took the classic entrecôte. They take a lot of care of using good products and you can taste it.

During the meal you can choose between good wines (from Turkey and France) or you can take a Mojito pitcher. We tried a good bottle of Bordeaux. I love Turkey but sometimes it is nice to have a good French wine.

The staff is really sweet. You feel immediately like home like you can’t do anything wrong and you can ask everything.

The neighborhood of Shishane is really nice during the evening. After your diner you can go around the corner and have cocktails in nice bars or on the street were everyone is chatting or partying.

When you love delicious food and you are in Istanbul you should definitely go here once (and maybe you will come again and again and …).