Interviews, Listen, 2015-06-29

“We like Mondays.”

On June 12th, American Apparel and Subbacultcha! organized an exclusive #subbaxaa show for the Berlin-based duo Easter at the American Apparel store in Antwerp.

If you’re based in Belgium, love music & arts and you don’t know what Subbacultcha! is about, you’re really missing out. As an independent, Belgium-based music & arts platform devoted to upcoming artists, they started a unique music magazine to hype their favorite musicians and artists. Bursting with original content assigned from their own writers and photographers.

Being an independent music magazine, they really appreciate their members who are always interested in discovering new music & art. The magazine is freely available every month but for a monthly fee of only €8, members will get the magazine sent to their homes and get free access to several events, exhibitions and concerts organized and/or promoted by Subbacultcha!.

Stine Omar & Max Boss form the beautiful band Easter. They have this delightful awkwardness about them which I really love and reminds me heavily of wonderful nights I have spent in Berlin myself. Both of them are quiet and intriguing while making upbeat yet moody music.

For me, it’s very hard to describe Easter’s sound or more specifically their genre. The electronic beats pull you in while the monotone and strong vocals keep you mesmerized. It’s really something you have to experience, so I definitely recommend catching one of their gigs. I’ve been listening to their mixtape ‘Beige Eyes’ on repeat these past few weeks, listen to the rest for yourself here.

We had a brief chat outside after their set in the store. It was a bit weird for them to play in a store because they are used to club like venues that provide a different kind of sound. They still sounded great though !

Stine met Max on the streets of Berlin and their friendship quickly blossomed into a creative partnership ranging from art to music. They are set to release the second part of their album by the end of this year and are also producing a serial drama in the meantime.

They also don’t have anything bad to say about mondays either since they don’t have a fixed 9 to 5 work schedule. Sundays are much more inconvenient, they can’t even go out and buy some nice food or clothes. Both of their birthdays fall on a monday this year as well so their future mondays are guaranteed to be a lot of fun.


love, l.