Barcelona, Travel Guide, Visit, 2014-11-03

Not only is Barcelona a very popular destination in the summer, even in autumn  you can still soak up some sun.  Although sucky weather can be quite a deal breaker when you‘re city tripping, the sun is not what makes Barcelona so great. It’s a city with the perfect combination between sea/beach, culture and of course yummy food. While here in Belgium an umbrella nowadays is a part of our daily outfit, we are still dreaming of our 5 favorite spots to eat & sleep in Barcelona.

Bar Lobo: When you think of Spain and food, you think of tapas. This tapas bar in the center of Barcelona brings this little dishes to the next level. Our favorite: tempura of asparagus. But if your stomach is really making some crazy noises, you can also enjoy some bigger meals and even dessert (the lemon meringue is to die for) or breakfast. Besides the great food, it has a clean and open interior with big windows. They used a lot of wood what makes it a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Chök is the perfect solution if you’re tired of the regular chocolate flavors in your supermarket. It’s a great place to experiment with some new combinations (chocolate and flowers why not?).They also have an open kitchen where you can have a sneak peak of some new creations. On the downside it all looked to pretty to eat.

 In Bacoa Universitat you order your meal like you’re in Mc Donalds, but don’t say fast food restaurant to this hamburgueseria. You fill in your order, go to the checkout, pay and if your dinner is ready they bring it to your table, easy as that. The burgers are made with 100% Spanish beef and the fries are homemade. They also have a lot of extras like bacon, special cheeses or even Catalan mushrooms to spice up your burger.

Eyescream & Friends: If you are looking for some delicious refreshment, this ice cream shop is your place to go. Forget the boring scoops on a cone, the ice cream is frozen at -25°C in cylindrical cubes which are then placed in a special machine which shaves it. It gives the ice cream a whole other texture. They didn’t have a lot of flavors but even then it was really hard to choose. They vary between cheesecake and wildberry yoghurt to the classics like chocolate and vanilla. They also have a few flavors for those who are lactose intolerant. You can also add some toppings like gummy bears, muesli, some fruit or a syrup. And the finishing touch are the two sugar candy eyes that makes you ice cream look like a cute little monster.

 Generator hostel: A great place if you’re not having a big budget but still want some comfort and quality. While the bar and the lounge had a great design, the room was quite basic. Luckily the bed with the most fluffy pillows and the great location made it all good.

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Isabelle en Margot

ps: All these photos were taken with a Nikon 1 J3