Uncategorized, 2013-12-23

It’s the Holidays season, and in our family that usually means a whole lot of food, loud talking and presents for everyone. But don’t forget the drinks, people! We made an easy aperitivo you can score with when you receive guests on Christmas eve or New Years day.

DIY: We marked each glass with our names, so you don’t accidentelly drink out of someone else’s glass. For a small Christmass present, you can use permanent marker & give the glasses to your guests.


  • Prosecco or cava
  • Elderflower syrup (IKEA)


  1. Pour a little bit of elderflower syrup in each glass and fill it with some prosecco or cava.
  2. Add pomegranate seeds to each glass for a classy look.

Tip for our Belgian readers: you can also use Roomer, an alcoholic elderflower drink, in which you can find the cute elderflower blossoms.


Happy Holidays everyone!