Brussels, 2015-02-09

Belgium is known for its delicious chocolate, so opening a chocolate & sweets store isn’t always that easy. But the founders of Elisabeth Chocolatier did a great job. These inspiring ladies created a lovely concept, collecting Belgium’s best artisanal sweets, selling them in a timeless packaging all together in gorgeous boutiques in Brussels.

They’ve succeeded in finding the right balance between a modern branding and a artisanal store design. The packaging was created by Base Design. I love the little details they’ve added to their products, small anekdotes or quotes on the labels give it that something extra. This makes it a perfect gift for locals too. We all love our typical Cuberdon noses from Ghent, and with this packaging you can’t go wrong. The interior reflects nicely on the craftsmanship they sell.

I love how they work with different Belgian crafters, the art of baking and making sweets is still something that is better in a smaller company than a big international. At Elisabeth Chocolatier you’ll find delicious chocolate truffels by Frederic Blondeel but also mouthwatering nougat all the way from the Provence. You can’t deny that artisanal products have a superior quality to those products you buy in the supermarket. Also, you support your local vendor, a double win if you ask me. The ladies from Elisabeth Chocolatier scout around Belgium in search of the best products for their stores.

There are 4 boutiques in Brussels. Each one of them has its own speciality, which is a very nice touch to their brand. So if you are visiting Belgium’s capital, make sure to put a sweet stop at Elisabeth’s shop on you itinerary. I promise you, it’s worth it! Especially those melo cakes, soft and light with a slightly salty biscuit. I told you, everything they sell is mouthwatering.



I’ve listed the boutiques by their speciality:

Cookies & chocolate
Stoofstraat 55 Rue de l’Etuve, 1000 Brussels

Meringue & Melo cakes
Boterstraat 49 Rue au Beurre, 1000 Brussels

Nougat & Truffels
Grasmarkt 55 Rue du Marché aux Herbes, 1000 Brussels

Boterstraat 43 Rue au Beurre, 1000 Brussels

PS: if you want to find our more about The Elisabeth Chocolatier boutique tour we did with Stephanie Duval, head over to her lovely website.