Visit, 2015-06-01

Waterfalls &Volcanic areas

Iceland has been on my must visit list for quite a while now, its beautiful nature is a videographer’s dream. When Icelandair invited Why Not Monday to visit this intriguing country in May, I made a little happy dance.

Icelandair is the national airline company of Iceland and has stops in all the main airports, e.g. Reykjavik. Lately they have an interesting option for us globe trotters: a flight to the States or Canada with a stop-over in Iceland. You get a maximum of 7 days to discover this beautiful country before you depart to your next destination. We managed to visit quite a lot in only 3 days time. This deal is really interesting if you ask me, especially because their fares are some of the lowest for these destinations.

I’ll be sharing 3 posts in total, but let’s start with their magnificent nature. After your flight, with Wi-fi on board, I suggest you go straight to the Blue Lagoons. It’s the perfect way to relax after your trip and get ready to discover the rest of the region. The great thing about Iceland is its spots where you can be all alone. Literally nobody around. Try to stay away from those tourist spots, rent a car and drive into the wild.

Everywhere we stopped there were waterfalls. Believe me, it never gets old. Such a beautiful sight means Instagram heaven. The Golden Circle is one of those tourist spots, but boy it was absolutely phenomenal. Make sure to dress for the occasion, paying attention to your shoes especially. It gets quite cold and you’ll be hiking if you want to reach the best spots.

If you want to get a bit more adventurous and sporty, you should rent quads. There is a perfect spot close to the town Grindavik. Here you can race around a Volcanic area. Let out that inner child and enjoy yourself. I sure did.

By the end of August I will share my video of this beautiful trip with you. I wanted to share this first post a little sooner because you have to be quick to order your tickets. Our advice is to visit this country before the end of September.