Announcements, 2014-10-27

Thanks to Yves Drieghe & Bert Pieters from Dift, Eline, Bas and I had the pleasure to spend a wonderful night at their residence concept, Eyes/Nights Only, located in one of the oldest parts of the city of Kortrijk’s Broelschool which used to be a nunnery.
Barely open and with the smell of fresh paint still in the air, it was a real privilege.

The Belgian creative agency Dift asked several furniture brands to turn the rooms of a school set for demolition into temporary hotel suites during Biennale Interieur 2014. The abondoned building will soon be replaced by luxury flats but has been remodeled for the 10-day festival. The name says it all, really. Available to the public (eyes) during the day and working as a hotel during nights. The rooms were decorated by one or more brands to reflect how they see or would like to see hotel rooms.

The community room was decorated by Durlet, simplistic and modern but with a twist. I especially loved how they made cutouts in the carpet to complement the beautiful tiles underneath. The beverages available for the guests were from Tao, Bionina, Carlsberg, Somersby cider and Bernard Massard. The electric appliances were sponsored by Samsung. All in all, there was something for everybody.

Bas slept in the Arbijt room, which was designed with a motel room vibe in mind. The neon light fixtures and cages did just the trick. For such a big space they didn’t use much but what they used, they used in a very clever way. Adjacent to their room was a room decorated by Artifort, small but cosy with a nifty new rocking chair, an interesting light fixture and a perfectly sized bed.
Eline and myself spent the night in the Espoo room, together with Ercol furniture, Asplund Collection and bed by Marina Bautier everything tied in together splendidly. A minimalistic room with classic and clean nordic design pieces, what’s not to love ?
If you love minimalism, you will love the room decorated by Vormen which can be found upstairs but is only meant to be seen and not experienced at night because of safety precautions. The bedframe was made from a gorgeous cedarwood, the scent it left behind in the room was divine.

Moving away from minimalism, let’s talk about the controversial room designed by Ikea. At first glance it didn’t scream IKEA but after moving around the room you could sense their design esthetic interpreted in a modern way. Unlike Arbijt they filled every nook and crany with shelves, drawings, boxes and other fun trinkets. The room clearly revolved around dreams with a notebook next to the bed asking you to write down your dreams, little notes attached to boxes marked ‘nightmares’ and sheeps dangling above your head while you sleep.
Ydee and Boss Paints worked together to create a very dark but intriguing room. A twin bed room with lovely and inspiring quotes written on the black walls in white chalk while the beds are divided by shelves adorned with flowers and candles.

Orac took a more classical turn with their room but were very innovative by creating a headboard out of their ornamental moldings with a light fixture behind it. Dift also has their own room where they designed a wallpaper based on the colours in Ilse Acke her curtains. She also made some lovely light fixtures with coloured wooden blocks.
The rooms went for only 85€ a night, which is a very reasonable price during Biennale Interieur.
I have to say it was  very successful and I look forward to more projects by Dift in the future.

love, l.
pictures by Eline Ros and Jelena Kovačević