Eat, Stay, Travel Guide, 2016-06-27


It’s always the same cities we write about. Therefor we believed it was time to make a city trip to cities which are a less obvious choice. We started with Rotterdam and the second one was Frankfurt!

You’ll all have heard of Frankfurt, the financial heart of Europe.  Does it have more to offer? Yes indeed, it has! 


Sleeping in jeans & rainbows

We wear jeans almost every day.  It was extremely nice to sleep in a perfect jeans environment.

25hours Hotels invited us to test their two hotels in Frankfurt, the first day we spend the night in a jeans covered hotel. Everything fitted.  From the room numbers which were indicated on trouser pockets until the walls which were clad in jeans.  A special experience which we could enjoy each and every day. The view from the roof terrace where, in summertime you can drink and dance, offers an astonishing panorama on the centre of the city. This hotel has been designed by Levis and we would highly recommend it. One thing we love at all the 25 hours hotels is the breakfast: a buffet with everything you need to kick start your day of exploring. 

From Jeans we went to the hotel where all colours have been combined.

The Goldman by 25hours is located in East Frankfurt and invites you in a colourful world full of textures and winks to the seventies. The building itself is something you can’t miss, a huge blue and orange building, and the colours continue when you enter the hotel. Everything was possible, nothing was identical. You have the illusion being in a faulty seventies hotel, but one way or another, it all came together perfectly. 

Located in the hotel you can find Die Oost Bar, a loungy cocktailbar. When you go there for a cocktail, tell the barman which flavours you like and he will make something mouthwatering.

The East

A couple minutes cycling from Die Oost bar you’ll find Das Oosten between the Main and the European Central bank.

A fantastic restaurant in an even more fantastic setting.  We were so amazed that I forgot to take photos. The place is a mix of a local and European cuisine: it just tastes better when you enjoy the vista in the evening.  Frankly speaking, we returned the following day.  I think that speaks for itself.

Café maingold           

Between all these big and impressing buildings we had the opportunity to take a flight into a bar which smelled like Paris.  Good food and a jolly ambiance, perfect to go for lunch or hide from the rain in the afternoon. Give it a try, you won’t regret it. 

The verdict

It was pleasant but I wouldn’t say it will be the most trendy city of Germany next year. (But let’s admit it is hard to beat Berlin) The ingredients are already there, they just have to live up to it. But I have to admit it’s perfect for a weekend away, especially when you stay in a relaxing hotel where you can spend time because it has so much to offer. Big cities such as London or Berlin can be overwhelming and too big for a weekend away, which isn’t the case with Frankfurt.
We might have had some bad luck with the weather, but you can continue exploring the city in the MINIs from 25hours which is a great experience. 

Frankfurt has a lot of potential. One day we’ll be able to tell “we have been to Frankfurt before it got really trendy”.  And isn’t that extremely hip?

Bas & Lien  

PS: make sure to try Thai Food in Frankfurt, we didn’t make it to a restaurant but heard it is amazing!