Rotterdam, 2014-04-07

A thing we love about Rotterdam is the collaboration between al these young and creative people. One great example is GROOS. This is more than just a store, they call themselves a platform for quality products from Rotterdam. This is were they caught our attention. At first sight, it is a beautiful store full of items we would all want to own. But after the owner explained the concept, we loved it even more!

It is quite simple. They only work with people and products from Rotterdam. This way they can  help these young entrepreneurs to sell, promote and create their products. Even a quick guide into the financial side of business is part of their platform. This story comes to live, not only in their store but also in their basement (sound scary, no?). This is where they have room for starters. At the moment you can find a small tattoo shop, a fashion designer, a photographer, and a german label.

When we walked around in GROOS, it felt like an offline version of Why Not Monday. You can buy music, books, food, designer stuff, and even some pretty cool socks. One of Margot’s favourite thing in the store is the little compliment cards. A perfect item to have to brighten up a friend’s Monday, isn’t it?  If you get a bit tired of all that shopping, well you’re in luck because next door there is Bar. Yes, a Bar named Bar. They serve drinks, food, beers and has a lovely venue to relax or listen to music. But is also a space that is used for a lot of events and in the weekend mostly the evenings they become a club.

Batteries recharged? Next to GROOS is a brand new bike rental service. They also offer tours. All of these place are in one building called “Het Schieblock”, it used to be a forgotten part of town but the city government is trying to revive it. Concepts such as GROOS. Bar, Hip Hop House fit perfectly in this building. They all represent the entrepreneurial spirit of this city.


Margot & Julie