Brussels, 2013-09-30

Hard Rock Cafe is a perfect combination of classic rock and delicious American food. That’s why Leila made a playlist inspired by this great place in Brussels, for you to play while reading our review.

We both were surprised by the quality of the food. Who had ever thought that barbecue could ever taste so good. Hard Rock Cafe serves food for every type of person. Do you prefer a plate filled with vegetables? Well try the Smoke House salad with spicy flavors and avocado to balance the dish. It’s absolutely delicious. Their signature dish is Barbecue Ribs. Smoked on hickory with a finger licking barbecue sauce, this smoke house method gives the ribs a rustic wood smoke flavor. Something I never tasted before and absolutely love.

For me, American food equals burgers but at Hard Rock Cafe I learned there is so much more on the American menu. The hickory-smoked porc sandwich was one of those discoveries for me. Such great flavors. This doesn’t mean they don’t serve burges. Not at all, they have a menu filled with legendary burgers. After dinner we said to each other that we had to come back as soon as possible to try other traditional American dishes. Also for the cocktails. Probably one of the best cocktails I’ve tasted in a while. It’s obvious that the standard for the food at Hard Rock is really high. Although the menu has a lot of “fast food” type of dishes, this place isn’t made for a quick meal. You have to enjoy your food and your company in a great decor. (Don’t get me wrong, you won’t have to wait for your food. The service is great)

The interior breathes Rock & Roll. An establishment filled with authentic signatures and items of the classic rock icons. Guitars hanging on the wall, microphones used as lights. Isn’t this the perfect interior to match their American menu? Above the counter letters form the phrase “Love all, serve all”. This is the motto of Hard Rock Cafe. When the founders opened the first Hard Rock Café in 1971 in London, they wanted to create a place where everybody could eat typical American food with delicious flavors. Mostly because they didn’t like the food in the UK and they wanted to fill the gap between the local pubs and the posh restaurants . It was a success and over the years they kept opening new establishments all over the world. Now you could say that Hard Rock is a brand, that seems to be made for marketing reasons but actually it all started with two guys with a love for American food and Rock & Roll. Leila and I both recommend you to visit at least once in your life a Hard Rock Cafe. You’ll love it as much as we do.


Julie & Leila

Hard Rock Cafe
Grand-Place 12a
1000 City of Brussels