Uncategorized, 2014-12-29

Looking for a drink to serve on the last night of the year? The Hugo is what you need! This sparkly cocktail is ready in 1-2-3 and has a lovely ingredient: elderflower syrup. We wrote down the steps on a piece of paper, framed it in a DIY glitter frame for our guests to make the cocktail themselves. One thing that annoys everyone is not finding your glass, write the names of your guests on a piece of washi tape and create a name tag flag around a straw. No mistakes will be made at your party. Now lets get a drink!

How do you make it?

  1. take a classy Frasera Whiskyglass
  2. add ice cubes in the glass
  3. squeeze the juice from half a lime
  4. pour 3cl of  Saft Fläder over it
  5. add 7cl of Prosecco and optional 2cl of fizzy water
  6. some mint as a finishing touch