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One day, I stumbled upon Amber Run’s music. Don’t know how, don’t know when, but I’m glad I did. I have a weakness for everything British and was intrigued from the start by their sound. But I wanted more. Only five songs available and not much information on the interwebz. So I took matters into my own hands and had a little chat with Will.

WNM: Who is Amber Run?
Will: We’re a 5 piece band from Nottingham, UK. Joe sings and plays guitar, I play guitar as well, Henry plays piano and Felix and Tom provide the drums and bass. Some keywords to describe our music would be ‘big’ and ‘catchy’. We just want to make big sounding music that people can sing along to.

WNM: You released an EP, Noah. What or who were your biggest influences?
Will: Our influences are a mixed bag, we’re all over the place really. We like to focus on creating big sounding music with lots of textures, all tied together through good songwriting. We love everything from Coldplay to The Brian Jonestown Massacre via drum and bass, metal and a lot of atmospheric artists like Boards of Canada.

We just want to make big sounding music that people can sing along to.

WNM: What’s your favorite band all time?
Will: It’s hard to pick really. Being such huge music fans I don’t think any of us could pin down one artist above all the others. But This Will Destroy You’s self titled album is an absolutely exceptional album, and they’re a big influence on our sound.

WNM: You guys performed on one of the biggest festivals of the UK last Summer. How was that? 
Will: Yeah it was Reading and Leeds festival. It was incredible. We grew up pretty close to Reading so everyone always went to Reading Festival; it was pretty mad to play it, so early on in our career as well. They’re the only festivals we’ve actually played and we’ve only played small venues so far. We do like the intimacy of small rooms but you can’t deny there’s a lot to be gained from playing festivals and the vibe is always good.

WNM: How are your Mondays going lately?
Will: We went into pre-production for our album the Monday just gone so it was pretty cool. I suppose being in a band every day’s a working day but when the work’s so good you can’t complain really… We have a video shoot for our next single ‘Spark’ next Monday, and the Monday after that we go into the studio and start recording the album properly. Can’t say Monday’s are too bad!

WNM: What’s on your bucket list? 
Will: We’ve always said headlining a venue like Hammersmith Apollo at some point would be amazing. I went to my first gig and also saw Bon Iver there which may have been the best gig I’ve been to. We’d love to get overseas to the US and Australia – play all over the world.

WNM: I take it you manage your social media accounts yourselves. You enjoy doing that? 
Will: We do, it’s very important to us. Since being signed we’ve felt it’s even more important to post everything on Facebook and Twitter ourselves as we don’t want to come across as some manufactured band who don’t bother. Being able to communicate with fans directly is such a good thing.

Enjoy their music, guys. It’s worth it.

Until we meet again