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Promising. If I had to pick one word to describe I Will, I Swear, it’s promising. I don’t want to sound corny, but I remember my first listen to Long Days. I remember there were goosebumps. And tears. And a feeling of gratitude. So it is quite clear that when I heard they were releasing a new single, I was overjoyed. I want to introduce you guys to I Will, I Swear, because it would be so rude to keep them just to myself.

WNM: Who’s I Will, I Swear?
Jonathan Van Landeghem: I Will, I Swear is a band from Ghent, Belgium, founded by Fien Deman and me. Our music? Delicate tunes drenched in gloom with vocals that will leave anyone silent. It was not really meant to  be something serious, but since the response to our songs was quite good, we kept going. When we do a concert, we can always count on our great live band. But all the ideas, promotion and elaboration come from Fien and me.

WNM: Tell me about your new single!
Jonathan: Actually, this single is the first song Fien and I made together. Our previous songs Sleep and Long Days were written by me but now Fien wrote the lyrics. It’s the road we want to take in the future, because Fien has great writing-skills and a good musical sense. The song is called Mess and basically, we want to leave room for interpretation. You can compare it with an artist who doesn’t always feel like sharing the meaning of his painting or sculpture.

WNM: You decided to release your new song today, on a Monday. Why?
Jonathan: All our big announcements happen on a Monday. Apparently, most people keep their weekends offline and on Monday, they check what they missed. It’s a smart move marketing-wise, we have a whole week left to keep promoting and we’re on time for the radio stations and their playlist-meetings.

WNM: You’re trying to get on the fashion-road. How come?
Jonathan: Yes, we noticed music and fashion are a real good combination. Our music was featured in campaigns by Elie Saab and bridal  designer Berta. In our new video, we worked together with Hannah Jacobs and we also have a collaboration with Stutterheim Raincoats from Sweden and an Antwerp shop called Product 68 Showroom. Like I said, it’s a good combination.

WNM: What are your future plans?
Jonathan: Well, in 2014 we want to record and release an EP! I can also tell you that next month, we’re crawling back into the studio with another band to record a song. And, we were booked for our first festival show, so that’s exciting news as well. In the beginning of February, our label is releasing a compilation album Music For Undays, with one of our songs, but also Trixie Whitley, Dans Dans, Ian Clement and so on.  And yeah, besides all that? We’re just going to play our music.

Bye bye birdies