Drink, Eat, NYC, 2015-07-06

It’s worth the hustle

Jack’s wife Freda is one of those NYC places that I walked by and saw for a billion times before I finally made it there. It’s an all day walk-in cafe and one of those places that are always buzzing. Often they have a 2h wait for lunch on a random Tuesday- so imagine what it’s like for Sunday brunch. The menu isn’t incredibly special so you sometimes wonder where all the commotion comes from and it’s kinda difficult to put your finger exactly on what makes this place kinda cool. There is just something about it and it’s still one of my favorite places in the city.

You could call this place almost painfully hip. (Like how you can call Williamsburg that often these days- painfully full of hipsters). The place is fairly small but full with tables and a small but long communal table in the middle. The waiters all wear striped shirts and the menu is written on paper table mats. But besides the busy crowd and the small tables, the place has an air that reminds me of busy Paris and just something you want to be part of. Once you sit down, though, you have the space you need as long as you’re fine with being close to your companions. 

Most of the menu is just fine but there are a few things that really jump out. They have an incredible duck prosciutto, stumptown coffee roasters coffee, great fish a la plancha and kebabs, carafes of wine and homemade mint lemonade. The menu also tells a funny story on how the place came to be. The madame Freda – a pressed sandwich with duck prosciutto, cheddar béchamel, gruyère and a fried egg- is absolutely my favorite thing on the menu. Oh and the 

Located in Soho, you can also see where all the hustle comes from so last summer the opened a second location in the West Village where wait times are often much less or non-existent and the space is much larger. A great alternative for those wanting to avoid the wait and the buzz. Or go in the weekend around 4pm. Great way to avoid the busy brunch crowd yet dinner hasn’t started just yet.

It sounds like a hustle, I know. But one worth to hustle for. There are just some hip spots that you want to be part of. So let’s get hustling!