London, 2013-11-04

I have always loved London, it’s vibrant city life and diverse culture can really be revitalising. I went into central London with a true local, and after a good hour in Muji, the popular japanese shop, we needed a coffee.

Tony knew this nice little cafe five minutes from Oxford street where we sat to catch our breath and relax from the bustle of the main shopping street. The cafe was called Kaffeine and is a popular coffee destination in central London and can be found on Great Titchfield Street.

Although rather busy most hours, the feel of the place was relaxing and light. Mostly adorned with wood to give a natural feel to the place, the Australian owned café looks to provide a unique coffee and tea experience.

The food menu is also something that cannot be ignored, ranging from pumpkin pies to traditional little baked goods. Depending on the season, the menu can change, always trying to add ‘some variety in our lives’.

The staff are extremely polite and are willing to cater to any questions a customer might have. So if you find your self in central London and are dying for a coffee or tea, then check out Kaffeine for a small taste of the London coffee scene. It’s booming.


66 Great Titchfield St
London W1W 7QJ,
United Kingdom
+44 20 7580 6755