Rotterdam, Stay, 2014-04-21

Forget the stereotype hostel. Forget those shared (dirty) bathrooms, noisy roommates and basic rooms. Now imagine a hostel with color, style, a rooms with there own theme and a great atmospheer. That is King Kong in Rotterdam.

The building is from 1872. It has housed a tattoo shop, an illegal casino and even a brothel. But I’m not surprised the owner choose this location. Manly because the witte de withstraat is the heart of one of the most hip neighbourhoods in Rotterdam.

As you would expect of a hostel, most rooms have bunk beds. They offer a place to sleep in their originally designed rooms for between 6 to 8 people. A bonus is that these rooms have their own bathroom. If you want some more privacy there are also rooms available for just the two of you. For those who are really sociable, you can reserve a bed in The Loft. This is the third floor of King Kong, grab a robe, and swing around and to get some exercises. Afterwords you can take a nice (rain) shower in their deluxe shared bathrooms of The Loft.

“Every room is unique in it’s own way”

Are you going on a business trip? Don’t worry, the people of King Kong are business orientated. They offer a business dorm, which rooms up to 4 people but and you get free wifi, a desk, office supplies, and a private locker. If you are afraid to miss your meeting, no worries, you can also ask for a wake up call.

Something we noticed was how open everything is, and with that I mean you practically share a lot with “strangers”. But that is the fun part, you have an open kitchen available for everybody where you can start cooking with all the friends you make in the hostel. Even if you go out to celebrate those new friendships and maybe drink a little bit to too much there is a spot at King Kong. They call it “The (hangover) basement”. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Just a cozy room with a lot of colourful pillows and a large TV. If you rather read a book or get some work done you are more than welcome in the lobby. Cozy corners, a large table with charging places for your laptop.

If you’re not staying at King Kong but just want to stop bye, no problem! They have a nice bar and terras to enjoy your day. They serve delicious coffee and home made ice tea.

Aren’t you convinced yet that not every hostels is bad? King Kong proves otherwise So so grab your bags, book a bed and go!