Tools, 2013-12-16

We all know that when it comes to kitchen supplies, it doesn’t come cheap. But if you think about it, it make sense. Most of the tools, you use on a daily basis. So don’t be surprised when it falls into pieces after a while. Two months ago I moved to Berlin and as a going away gift I got a hand blender of Kitchenaid Belgium.

Yes, I was very happy with this. Not only because I love a good smoothie in the morning, I also use a blender quite often while cooking in general. Fresh tomato sauce, veggie burgers, batter, homemade pesto, cookie crumble,…

The hand blender they gave me isn’t just any hand blender, it is the The Pro Line® Series Cordless Hand Blender with rechargeable 12V Lithium-Ion battery. You would think that a cordless hand blender isn’t so powerful but it is just as powerful as a corded hand blender. Another thing I love about it is the case, in this you store: two blending arms, a removable pan guard, three different blades & a whisker.

Besides the case you also get a charger for the battery, a 1-liter BPA-free blending pitcher and a 1/2-cup chopper attachment. You get a lot for your money. To show you how good the blades work, I made vines of every blade. Blending a smoothie with frozen fruit, crushing ice, blending some walnuts in small pieces and making a fluffy batter for pancakes.


The blender has up to five speeds and is protected with a lock function. Which I am very grateful for because I am very clumsy. That’s probably also the reason why I cheered a little bit when I hear “cordless”. I always made a mess with the cord on my previous blender, the times of pushing over stuff in my kitchen are over. Don’t worry about the battery, it’s not like an iPhone. It will last a lot longer than you think. I can easily use it for several meals without it dying on me.


Buying supplies from Kitchenaid is an investment, the quality is great and the performance is even better. So in my opinion it is better to save a little longer to buy a better product than to buy the cheaper solution and buy another one a year later. Let’s face it, in the end you have spend the same amount of money for a product that is half as good. This is a great product for you if you like to spend time in your kitchen or you hate being annoyed by kitchen supplies that malfunction all the time. We all know how stressy cooking can be, especially when you are expecting guests.

Conclusion: a multifunctional product that needs a spot in every foodie’s kitchen. Deborah & Jasmina have the same one and love walking around in their kitchen while beating the egg whites to a nice fluffy texture. With the cordless hand blender you are free to do what ever you want. You can even dance while blending, just a suggestion.