Antwerp, 2013-09-23

Finding a good bakery in Antwerp is quite rare. This might explain why I was so enthusiastic after tasting the pastries from Konditori.  I absolutely love a lazy Sunday with “koffiekoeken” for breakfast (the dutch word for morning pastries). Steve and Angelique are the owners of Konditori. He worked for 5 years at Delrey so he learned from the best. Good quality and fresh ingredients are their main priority. The morning pastries might be a bit smaller than average but they taste delicious.  He makes his pastry creme from scratch and this makes a difference. Besides pastries they also have an assortment  of different types of bread and buns. The counter is filled with mouth watering desserts for those who have a sweet-tooth. Angelique will welcome you with a smile and she’ll explain with pleasure what they have to offer.

1184926_335415626595055_935990126_n Konditori means bakery in Swedish. Why did they choose this beautiful language? Well the explanation is quite simple. They wanted a clean interior design and they were looking for a synonym for bakery in other languages. The Swedish word “Konditori” sounds a bit like the German word but is softer and even sounds a bit Italian. A perfect choice. Interior design in Scandinavia is absolutely gorgeous. Michiel from Going East did a great job creating the interior for Konditori. It is clean, open and modern without losing the warm welcome of the lovely owners. The interior is perfect for Steve to show their products. The branding was made by Laura Broux and I love it! It matches the interior and the owners perfectly.

They are open from 7am until 7pm but it’s better to go early. Those who don’t like waking up early in the morning, can always make an order the day before and pick it up later during the day. Maybe next week you can start your Monday with a pastry from Konditori.

Schermersstraat 8,
2000 Antwerp

Happy Monday!