Amsterdam, Eat, 2014-08-11

Asian cuisine is probably one of my favorites. Especially in the evening, you don’t feel too full but you aren’t hungry anymore. Amsterdam has a lot to offer when it comes to restaurants, but when I saw KU on Yelp I had to try it. Who doesn’t love cocktails & asian food?

This Japanese restaurant is a new kid on the block, but I am sure it is a success. It’s the perfect address for a night out, thanks to their modern but cozy interior and great menu. They’ve incorporated some of the traditional Japanese lines in the furniture and added an urban feel to it with the revealed bricks and lights. At first the blue and green lights might come of a bit strange but it actually sets the mood and is perfect for their menu/setting. It reminds me of a modern Japanese karaoke bar. But that might be my vivid imagination talking. Either way, don’t let that scare you away!

Now, let’s talk  cocktails. Their menu has a lot of classics but they’ve put something extra to it, giving it their own twist. For example the Yuzo Mojito with Havana Club 3yrs, citrus liqueur, cane sugar, fresh mint, yuzu honey, lime and soda. In the menu they always explain why and what they’ve added to this classic. In this case yuzu is a citrus fruit originating in East Asia, closely resembling the flavor of that of a grapefuit. This citrus is used in Japan for bathing in the winter, to fight away those typical problems such as a cold, rough skin and stress. For me, this extra piece of information shows that they’ve put a lot of work in their cocktail menu. Besides having fancy names, the cocktails were also super tasty. I tasted a suggestion, of which I forgot the name, it had water melon and was perfect for that hot summer day.

One of my favorite things about going out for dinner is meals you can share. Ordering all different kind of things, just putting it all on the table and tasting a bit of everything. That’s what we did and they even encouraged it at KU. One of the things we ordered was a soft bun burger, and they asked if they had to cut it in two. For starters we tried some of the special maki rolls. Our favorites were the rolls with duck and the ones with avocado & cashews.  The rice was cooked perfectly, it wasn’t too sweet and had a soft texture. Whenever I see gyosa on a menu, I have to order it. This was new on their menu and the chef even asked how it was. And I have to admit it was one of the best gyosa’s I’ve had. The dough wasn’t too thick and still a bit soft, served with a tasty dip.

I don’t know how we did it, but after all of this we also shared the yakasu chicken and the burger. The chicken was juicy and really tasty, same goes for the burger. The bun was a bit different than I expected but delicious nonetheless. The burger itself was juicy and full of asian flavors. Served with a yummy wasabi dip and some (heavenly baked) potatoes.

Well, It’s safe to say I would recommend this place. You’re hungry now, aren’t you?

Try it out yourself and let me know what you think!


Ku Kitchen & Bar
Utrechtsestraat 114
+31 20 422 9424