Eat, London, 2014-06-30

One thing I love about big cities like London is the diversity of kitchens. From traditional local food to exotic dishes from the other side of the world. You can try a different cuisine every day. Isn’t that great? One thing is for sure, Italian restaurants are one of the few things in life you know will always be there. But Italian food doesn’t only consist of pizza and pasta. There are a lot of traditions in every region and Polenta is the one from the North of Italy. The owners of “La Polenteria” in Soho London saw a potential in this product and decided to open their own Polenta Restaurant.

But why polenta, what makes it so good? It has quite a lot of nutritional benefits. It’s gluten free, so easy to digest, GMO free, rich in vitamins A and C and High in fibre and protein. It might sound too healthy but it tastes super yummy with almost everything.

The team asked consultant chef Pierluigi Sandonnini for his vision on the menu and the result is a mix between traditional Italian ingredients and a lot of  vegetables. They even have vegan dishes. Which is rare at an Italian restaurant. I tried one of their  famous polenta bites. It looks like a salty mini cupcake but has a soft texture and tastes delish! Another plus was their glutenfree and vegan dessert options, great when you are going out for lunch or dinner with friends who suffer from allergies! Besides serving good and healthy food, they also  have a cute branding. And you all know I am sucker for good retail branding.

Give polenta a chance and  who knows, maybe you like it as much as I do.