Drink, Eat, London, 2015-03-09

Foodie heaven

London is full of food markets where you can eat all kinds of street food, but the one at ropewalk is an absolute winner. The location is cute, not too crowded and its selection of vendors is just perfect. From a devine sour dough pizza to an avocado cafe. Yes, it’s foodie heaven!

“Sour dough pizza with roasted duck served with a Gin Fizz, what more does a girl need?”

This street full of delicious meals is located close to the Tower Bridge, so a perfect stop when you feel like going sightseeing on a sunny Saturday. Ropewalk might not be as big as Borough Market but it has something for everyone’s taste. The smell of BBQ was what drew my attention at first. A Greek stall under the bridge, decorated with lovely pieces of wood. Spiced lamb on the BBQ, served with tzaziki. At Maltby & Greek you can eat typical Greek dishes and buy Greek products. Perfect for a gift basket or for your own kitchen.

You shouldn’t go there when you are really hungry because you don’t know what to eat first. All kinds of avocado dips, brownies, smoked salmon on fresh bread, grilled cheese  and even pancakes. You can spend an entire day at this market. Sharing was our strategy, that way you can taste more!

My absolute favorite was Phat Breads. Sour dough pizza with organic roasted duck, red cabbage, walnut & pepper sauce, yoghurt, pomegranate seeds, fresh parsley & dill. “BOOM” That was the first thing that came to my mind when I read this on their menu. They bake their yummy pizzas in a stone pizza covered with gold mosaic stones. What’s not to love about this? A must try food stall at Maltby Street Market.


After this late lunch we had a gin & tonic at the cocktail bar in one of the establishments under the bridge. It might have a dark interior but their small selection of drinks is great. A classic London dry gin with blood orange or a ginger gin fizz. You can even buy a piece of marble. Oh by the way, the cocktails are sold for 5 pounds. Gin o’clock!