Drink, NYC, 2015-05-04


Coffee in the West Village

I stumbled upon MAZA late on a Saturday looking for a nice quiet place to talk with a friend. We stayed till close. And then I came back the next day. Twice.

MAZA Espresso Bar is a beautifully crafted espresso bar with ¬†modern touch in the West Village. The copper finished on the ceiling and some of the lights provide an energetic yet subtle and intimate vibe. Spacious with large window but cozy with back walls and decorations, the place is a unique little get away on one of my favorite corners in the Village. Located on Carmine Street, one of New York’s more dilapidated streets, but actually one of my favorites, it has more recently become a focus of attention for various small restaurants and entrepreneurs looking for a new start.



They serve excellent coffee – the iced latte with almond milk being my favorite – along with healthy foods with a Mediterranean twist. They Serve greek bagels and breads and a variety of yoghurts in both sweet and savory tales. Their coffee menu is extensive and have a signature coffee drink: hovoli coffee, a traditional greek turkish coffee machine.

Don’t forget to stop by Carmine Street when you’re in the area, you won’t regret it!