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This week I am taking over the Monday Playlist. Hi! I am Glenn, managing partner at Lunar Gravity, a boutique digital production studio in Antwerp. Finding new music is -besides coffee- one of his greatest sources of fresh energy. You can find me on Twitter and Spotify! Seven tunes that make my Monday better, every time.


Lights – Sohn
Some light electronics to start your day by this young London producer. Also one of the favorite bands of WNM’s Julie. 

Julia Brightly – Caribou
Always start with Caribou on a Monday – Our Love remains one of the top releases from 2014.

Genesis – Grimes
Relatively unknown bizar subgenre goth electronic “grave wave” brings an elcectic vibe to your Monday, somewhere in-between opening your eyes and the first coffee

Busy Earning – Jungle
Top song, even better videoclip. feeling the caffeine yet?

Pistols At Dawn – Seinabo Sey
Watch out for Seinabo, her powerful voice with lyrics that make you think will bring out the warrior inside.

Easy Rider – Action Bronson
NY Queens flavoured rap inspired by The Wu-Tan Clan with a modern twist, assisted by this surreal acid-powered videoclip

Bakerman – Laid Back (Soul Clap Mix) 
Best song ever made ever and should be on every playlist ever.