Asia, 2014-01-13

The food in Myanmar isn’t as exciting as in Thailand, but still is far from plain. Burmese food can be quite tasty and is influenced a lot by its neighbors. As in most Asian countries, the main ingredient is rice. Other main dishes are curries, stir fry dishes and salads.

“The curries are less spicy than the Thai ones”

If you order a curry, chances are they arrive at your table with a lot of side dishes. Most of the time a sour soup, some vegetables you can dip in a fishy dipping sauce and sometimes dried little fish that have a very strong flavor and don’t suit everyone’s taste. The curries are less spicy than the Thai ones and a lot greasier, but nonetheless very tasty. The variation comes with the territory and the season.The Burmese salads are famous and are really worth trying. They are exciting using peanuts, chilies and lime tossed together with raw ingredients such as papaya or avocado.

The perfect finishes for a diner are the lumps of palm sugar that just melt away in your mouth or the tamarind flakes, famous in Bagan.
The best places to grab a good diner are the beer joints where the locals gather after work for draft beer in frozen mugs and good food. Look for the beer signs outside and a draft behind the counter.


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