Drink, Eat, London, 2014-07-07


Establishments that are more than one thing always intriges me. Old Shoreditch Station is one of those places. It’s a cafe bar, a shop and an exhibition venue. All of that in a decommissioned train station. They want to be to a venue were creative talent can showcase their work and get a chance to nurture creativity. You could call it a creative hub in Shoreditch, that’s the vibe I got when I was there. Quite a lot of people working on their laptops, considering it was a hot Sunday afternoon.

Let’s talk interior. For me, it’s the perfect spot to do some writing. It’s bright, open but feels homey. The venue is divided in 3 rooms. A bar, louge area and a meeting room. When you enter Old Shoreditch Station you’ll walk straight to the old bar. Where they serve pastries, local brews and have shelves full of very tasty liquors for a great cocktail. The first thing that caught my eye was the upside-down Skyplanter by Boskke. Plants hanging upside-down, it fascinated me. The loung area has beautiful vintage chesterfields, which welcome you to have a cup of tea and relax. Next to this  you you’ll find the meeting area. Which has 2 long tables to get some work done, together with your partners in crime or just by yourself. A great way to meet other creatives.

The venue has all white walls for the creatives to display their work. From prints to fashion, a mix of everything. They also welcome young entrepreneurs to launch their new products or a new bad to play some of their music. A lot of inspiring people in one venue if you ask me. What’s not to love about a space with a lot of plants, clean design and young creative talent?