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‘Ons Kookboek’ is a Flemish cookbook, which is seen as the mother of all Flemish cookbooks. According to others, ‘Ons Kookboek’ is the bible of the Flemish cookbooks. Since its first edition, in 1927, there are 2,5 million copies, making it the ever best-selling cookbook of Flanders.

The first edition was intended as a manual of 158 pages in the course ‘Cooking and Nutrition’ of the Farmers’ Wives Association. It contained recipes of products that were cultivated on the farmland. Over the years, this has grown into a cookbook of more than a thousand pages, which is still updated to the products of our time. The cookbook not only contains recipes, also tips and background information on the products that may be useful in the kitchen are included.

Our Cookbook stands for quality and reliability. With the addition of new products, trends and cooking techniques, this voluminous book gives you a wealth of information, facts, tips and not less than 1,892 contemporary recipes for both daily and gourmet table. ‘Ons Kookboek’ makes both the novice cook and the seasoned foodie happy.

This updated version of our Cookbook should not be missing in your kitchen!

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Ps: Have a look at our 80s rice pudding & crab cocktail from ‘Ons Kookboek’!