Antwerp, Eat, 2014-08-25


Who doesn’t love pizza? Especially a good organic pizza with a perfect dough and buffalo mozarella. When I first saw the menu of Orso I wanted to cheer. It’s a small but perfect menu, every option has that one ingredient which makes this place not your average pizzeria. Oh, by the way, did I already say it is around the corner from the WNM office? We are lucky!

Let’s talk design. The owners did a great job at using the most of this space. Isabelle explained that it was quite a challenge. For example the color on the wall is a very soft pink. When the sun shines on it, it will look like a white wall but if you have a closer look you’ll see the soft pink tone. The color palette of the interior makes it very cosy. I love how they used marble. Absolutely gorgeous. How cute is their branding?

To match this beautiful interior they serve delicious and good looking food. Even the plates are in the same soft tones as their walls. They do have an eye for detail. We tried an italian classic, a caprese but they served it with grilled cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozarella. Molto buono!  The pizzas taste even better than they look. The dough is light and crunchy, the tomato sauce has a soft flavor and they put on the right amount of toppings. All their pizzas have that something extra, which makes it hard to decide even if there are but a couple of options. Another great thing about this place is their pizza dough for people who are intolerant for gluten. Apparently Isabelle has it herself and she wanted to make sure she could eat at her own restaurant. As you might know it can be quite a challenge to eat glutten-free, so this is really a great thing.

Besides having a gorgeous interior and mouth watering pizzas, they also serve their own wine straight from daddy’s vineyard in la bella Italia called Leoni. Great detail, if you ask me. The red wine we tried is also a refreshing wine because it even has a light sparkle to it, which was new to us. Do I need to say more? Go get some pizza! Hurry!


ps: their homemade tiramisu is to die for.