Antwerp, Eat, 2015-10-12


We all know pizza is a typical Italian dish, although some people say it has its origin in China. We’ve all eaten the traditional margarita, quattro stagione or proscuitto. At Otomat however they thought it was time for something new. A pizza 2.0. They previously saw it in big cities all over the world. Now Antwerp is ready for the revival of the pizza with a Belgian touch.

Upon entering Otomat you’re instantly met with the scent of freshly baked pizzas. The industrial yet cozy interior makes you feel like you’re in a restaurant in New York or London.

You can choose between an Otomat pizza with red sauce and a Notomat pizza with white sauce. Then comes the tougher choice. Be prepared to be blown away by the toppings. A pizza with tomato shrimps? Tastes amazing (I’m serious, try it). Our favorite was the Bushwick with mozzarella, oregano, ricotta and fennel salami. But why not try the blue cheese and pear? Otomat also offers a generous selection of Belgian beers, homemade lemonades and more.

Of course, there is no such thing as a good pizza without a good dough. At Otomat they wanted to somehow incorporate beers. They asked the Italian pizza-champion Thierry Griffagnino to create a dough with the yeast of the Belgian beer Duvel. No worries, you won’t leave the restaurant drunk and you don’t taste the beer, but it does make the dough very unique. Crusty and soft at the same time. Thin, but not too thin.

And for those who can never finish a whole pizza themselves or just can’t choose between all that pizza goodness, you can also pick three smaller pizza’s and share them. We strongly advise you to save some room for dessert. And there is a reason for that. Two words: Nutella pizza.
Oh, and the staff is uber friendly by the way! Big bonus.

Isabelle and Margot