Ghent, 2013-12-09

So we now all know my favorite coffee place in Antwerp. But where do you need to be for great coffee in Ghent?

I’ll be honest, when I first saw Panorama Bar, i fell for the looks of it. The logo, menus and business cards are made by Deirdre Lewis, her work is always stunning but what she made for Panorama matches their style so well. Inside their eyecatcher is of course the shining brass bar, in which the marble floor is beautifully reflected. Other than that, they kept it simple: clean, but stylish furniture makes it a very soothing place to be in, although it also makes me want to redecorate my home all over again.

Panorama bar has only been open since the 9th of July. It’s located at Nederkouter nr 71, which you might recall from the former weird indian store with the dreamcatchers hanging outside and the smell of herbs that, when the wind was right, followed you all the way home. The coffee bar is ran by Angieszka en Chris. Their concept is very simple: it’s all about coffee. And you can trust me on this: it’s damn good.

Lore and I have been going there almost every wednesday now, because their coffee is the perfect kick-start for class and we decided that everyone should go there from now on. Capiche?


Lore & Iphygenia
(- STUDIO W – but we’ll tell you more about that later on!)

Nederkouter 71,
9000 Gent,