Rotterdam, 2014-06-02

Who doesn’t love a pasta? We sure do! This establishment is one of our favorites in Rotterdam. Not your typical Italian restaurant but a beautiful interior with an unbelievably cheap menu for good quality pasta. This was a very lovely surprise!

Quality is important at Pasta Kantine. They use healthy and fresh ingredients to make great dishes. One thing we loved was the option to order a small portion. For example a small Tagliatelle alla Bolognese for less than 5 euros! This way you can easily order a salad, which are all priced under 10 euros, to have a balanced meal. Something we didn’t expect when we entered this establishment. It looks way more expensive when you have a close look at their interior.

” A pasta doesn’t wait for its customers, it’s the customer that waits for the pasta.”

Don’t let the prices fool you either, the pastas were perfect. It was like we were in Italy. I had a quick sneak peak in the kitchen and the chef told me that they prepare the dishes à la minute. Which explains the quality. Organic ingredients are the base of their dishes. The chef keeps it simple but this can only result in a good and healthy meal. They also offer a gluten-free options, which is a big plus because allergies are no joke.

If the great prices and smart cooking isn’t enough, they also want to give back to the community. Every bottle of tap water they sell, they use to support the organisation  dine4them who helps people in need for food to a good meal. The owners of Pasta Kantine also support  the No Waste network. So asking for a doggy bag isn’t shameful, they even encourage it.

Pasta Kantine is located in an upcoming neighborhood so this makes it the perfect pitstop during your day in this inspiring city. If it is sunny outside, you can enjoy your fresh pasta on their cozy terras. Margot and I sure were happy we found this restaurant. Small portions, good quality and a beautiful interior. That’s our cup of tea.


Julie & Margot