Brussels, 2014-06-02

The Rue Joseph Stevensstraat in Brussels is known as the street where once stood the Volkshuis of Horta. Right in front of the disappeared Volkshuis, Pistolet Original opened its doors not so long ago. Pistolet Original is located in the area around the Sablon (dutch: Zavel). It is a neighbourhood and hill in the historic upper town of Brussels. At its heart are the twin squares of the larger Grand Sablon square in the northwest and the smaller Petit Sablon square and garden in the southeast. The Sablon lies near the Mont des Arts district, and lay not far outside the first city walls of Brussels. 

“A true tribute to the Belgian-style bread roll: Pistolet!”

At Pistolet Original, the choice of pistolet toppings is very large: shrimp, minced beef with pickles, roast beef, white sausages, cheese,… It’s hard to choose because they all sound great. During the morning until 11:00 and all day Sunday, there are all kinds of combinations possible with egg. You can order a take away pistolet or eat one on the spot.

The retro logo of Pistolet Original and the ubiquitous red color make a really nice combination. The red colour also comes back into the sparkling water from Spa in the milk glass bottles of Bonilac, the “tomate-crevettes” or the cherry beer of the Anderlecht Cantillon brewery. Did you know that almost all products and ingredients that are used are Belgian? In their assortment, Pistolet Original also sells cuberdons, babelutten, Penny wafers, and … boules de Berlin (hmm). A true tribute to the Belgian Pistolet!

Rue Joseph Stevensstraat 24-26
Brussels (Sablon – Zavel)

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