Tools, 2014-08-03

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh popcorn? I absolutely do. When prepared in a smart way, it is actually a “healthy” snack. At least it’s better than chips. Last time we shared a popcorn recipe for in a simple pan. The downside to this recipe is the grease,  it makes your kitchen a mess and it’s possible that you burn your corn. Because it’s time for another movie night with See You Tuesday with WNM catering, we decided to contact Princess to help us with the task of making popcorn. They were really kind to sent us this cute & easy popcorn machine, which made the process of making this healthy snack so easy a child could do it.

As you can see in the video, the machine has a compact size. Easy to store and it looks quite ok as well! It comes with a measuring cup, which is very convenient in my opinion. Popcorn is like rice or couscous, I always take too much. Although the machine is quite noisy, you could compare it with a hairdryer, it is really fun to watch to corn pop. (Yes, I am easily entertained) But then again, what doesn’t make a lot of noise in the kitchen. After 3 to 5 minutes you have a bowl full of perfectly popped corn. Maybe 1 or 2 corns left. I was really surprised about this, I didn’t think this small machine could have such a result.

Of course the popcorn as no flavor yet. You have 2 options. One is the easy way, without using a pan. Best for those who like salty popcorn. Take a second/smaller bowl, add something liquid like olive oil or melted butter and spice it up. (Around 1 tablespoons, depending on your taste. You can melt it in the measuring cup of the popcorn machine!) I prefer a soft olive oil for a salty snack, don’t use too much either! With some fresh herbs and sea salt, it really is delicious. Pour the liquid mixture over the popcorn, don’t forget to mix it all up. That’s why it’s always better to use a bigger bowl. So you don’t end up having more popcorn on the floor than in your bowl. Maple sirup or honey is a great ingredient when making a sweet popcorn. Add some out of the ordinary spices such as cinnamon or chili to give it that extra punch!

The second option is using a pan. Perfect if you want a caramelized popcorn. Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in your pan and wait until it starts to sing. (creating little bubbles) Add the popcorn and immediately start mixing it up. I always up on the lit and start shaking it. Now while stirring, pour over 2 tablespoons of sugar. You will see it getting a gold colour, then it’s time to put it in a separate bowl. Let it cool down and don’t touch it yet. Hot sugar makes the nastiest burns on your fingers.

Want to taste it for yourself? Well, tuesday the 5th of august we will be at See You Tuesday with our home-made popcorn. For you to taste it! See you there?