Bruges, 2014-01-06

Everybody knows Bruges of its lovely walkways along the small channels, its churches and impressive museums of the Flemish primitives and overall its small chocolate and lace shops. But… in the shadow of the by UNESCO protected Belfry tower, a sideway of one of the busiest streets of the city, the Breidelstraat, there is a dark alley that stays unnoticed by many passengers. This very small street is called ‘De Garre’ (Garre means ‘alley’ in the city’s dialect).

Halfway, in between historical buildings, you can find a rustic and cozy place which serves over hundred-thirty different kinds of specialty beers. There is one beer that attracts all attention, the homebrew Tripel of De Garre.

Over hundred-thirty different kinds of specialty beers? Bring it on.

This beer from draught has an ochre-golden color, is quite turbid and has a firm creamy white head. The appearance in aroma is fresh yeasty with hints of floral hops. It has a lovely intense and velvet mouthfeel and a subtle taste of citrus fruits and smooth malts. The high percentage of alcohol (11.5% alc.) is well hidden until the aftertaste when the malt and sugar appear which gives a warming feeling.

So if you visit Bruges the next time, think about the Garre and you’ll never forget it any more… unless you drink a few of them.