Berlin, Dance, 2013-12-02

Whenever I get the chance to introduce someone to the Berlin nightlife, I advice them to go to STATTBAD. The nightclub, formely known as Stadtbad Wedding  used to be a state swimming pool before it got severly damaged during World War II. Today it functions as a cultural complex.


STATTBAD  hosts the well-known BOILER ROOM parties in Berlin. In a way very logical since the world’s best DJ’s and electronic acts actually get to do their thing in the old boiler room of the former swimming pool.  STATTBAD and BOILER ROOM at least have two things in common. Uppercase letters and exquisite booking.

About three weeks ago they invited one of the founding fathers of Detroit techno to their club: Derrick May (Transmat). I had never heard or seen this legend live so I decided to go.  At three PM I entered the pool where this black god was playing and although the pool has been empty for over a decade I got out soaking wet three hours later. His unique beat driven, yet soulful techno gets to you and never lets go. Escaping is impossible

Another artist from Detroit that was playing that night was Kenny Larkin, highly influenced by the man above but prepared to bridge the gap with the neighboring Chicago house. He truly is one of the few artists that truly understands the dark art of making a proper edit.

STATTBAD most certainly loves Detroit techno because they invited Kyle MF Hall (Wild Oats) for the last Statt(Nacht) of the year. Kyle Hall was not even born when Derrick May released his first record but this 19 year dance prodigy is the breath of fresh air these legends were waiting for the restore Detroit techno to it’s old glory.

I made a selection for you to discover the sound of those 3 artists. Although Derrick may have the unique talent of getting records to speak to each other, he has not produced a lot of records himself. We all do know him from strings of life, a timeless techno classic that will never be forgotten. Ironically both projects are of another Detroit legend named Kevin Saunderson. Lastly lastly I chose Kyle Hall’s ‘Dances with a Sun Goddess’ because I’m deeply in love with the profound subtlety of this song. Acid, drums. A record does not need anything more.