Drink, Eat, London, 2015-06-22

The best things happen to you when you least expect them. In the age of 4-G and google maps we almost forget the beauty of getting lost and exploring new neighbourhoods (in a ‘romantic wandering around’ kind of way and not ‘the battery died in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere’ kind of way of course).

I was on my way to Richmond park that day and took a wrong turn that lead me to a flower nursery and garden shop. The whole space reminded me of the Jumanji movie, in particular that moment when plants destroy houses: the absolutely beautiful garden and house furniture are displayed in a greenhouse and surrounded by flowers and plants. They also have a nice collection of decor items and organic cosmetics.

If you walk a bit further down the greenhouse isle you will end up facing a restaurant, lunch and tearoom. All three look magical. The restaurant is very stylish with its white table cloths and crystal chandeliers, but it doesn’t look boringly pretentious because it is mixed with fresh ground, plants and gardening tools. It is a table order service and you should book yourself a table in advance.

The lunch and tearoom is a bit more modest for your wallet, you order at the cash register and are free to take any table you want. The seating area is outside only, part of it is covered by the greenhouse roof and another part is in the back of the garden. All the furniture comes from different sets, vintage mixed with modern, most of the tables are for big groups so it is a great spot for celebrations or a sunday brunch catch up. It could also be a great way to meet some new people. To be honest I have never had lunch in such a beautiful place before. It looks like a secret garden and the way I ended up being there just made it that much more special.

The food needs a separate chapter, it’s so good. They do not have a fixed menu, all the currently available dishes are presented on a stand next to the cash register and you can also see how it is cooked in the kitchen. All food is organic and they have a great selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Do save some space for a cake as well, you will never forgive yourself if you are too full to eat it. The average lunch bill is around 7-12 pounds with a drink.

I had a vegetarian quiche with fresh greens and a cauliflower salad.

Even though quiche is trendy now it’s still hard to find a good one – sometimes it has too many ingredients that don’t compliment each other well and sometimes it has way too many eggs. This one was simple and every single ingredient was respected. The greens and cauliflower definitely were a great addition to it.

Being the world’s most addicted caffeine person I was happy that they offered refills of their freshly grounded coffee.

I feel like I should thank Vodafone for the bad 3G that day because it seems like I found my favourite spot on earth.