Eat, London, 2015-08-03

Fish&Chips in ‘The ‘Anchor’

Eating fish and chips is a must when you’re in England for the first time ! English cuisine is not my personal favourite because I find it a little bit too heavy and oily, but I couldn’t resist the mouth watering combination of fish and chips even though both the ingredients are deep fried.

Being the nation’s most popular fast food it is served in every pub or restaurant but we traveled from London to Cambridge to dine in an atmospheric place with a beautiful view to get the most out of our evening.

We’ve chosen a place in the heart of the old city centre called ‘The Anchor’. It is a 3 floor house with a beautiful terrace right next to the Cam river which is the perfect spot for an afternoon pint of beer if you are lucky with the weather. The first two floors consist of the pub and the top floor is a dining room with a picturesque view on the river and campus. The busy & loud pub area contrasts vividly with the quiet & intimate dining room – it feels like an oasis in the desert.

The dining room has an elegant and low-key style. Even though it has big open windows, the lighting is intimate which adds additional coziness. They have a great collection of classic background music and an even greater collection of vintage photographs of Cambridge. An abundance of candles together with unobtrusive melodies set the mood in no time. The scent from the kitchen confirms that your stomach will have a beautiful time as well.

The menu is not that big and diverse which is good I find because I have trust issues with restaurants that are ready to offer you both pizza and sushi at the same place (unless it is their concept like lobsters&burgers). ‘The Anchor’ serves about 5 starters, 5 main courses and about the same amount of desserts. The menu is seasonal and even if they’re not all typical English dishes, they were certainly inspired by it.

My brother and I ordered fish and chips (hooray) first, afterwards we had mozzarella with focaccia and marinated artichokes. I am an absolutely visual person and I love my food to be served in a nice and creative way. I was expecting the fish and chips to be served on a wood cutting board which is common nowadays (seriously, come up with something else), but ‘The Anchor’ surprised me with their choice of plate (basically it’s the kind of plate used in hospitals for medical tools) while the mozzarella and focaccia was still served beautifully on a wooden cutting board. That first bite sent me to heaven and I wish I could stay there forever. You know when you eat food and it makes you home sick? This was that moment. Even though it is not what we cook for our family gatherings it still tasted like mom’s homemade dish. A crispy crust, juicy fillet, salty fries and freshly mashed peas worked so well together that I could physically feel my taste buds dancing. Oily and heavy English cuisine? Oh Daria please.

Mozzarella and focaccia is always a great idea unless you stuffed yourself with fish and chips before.  Therefore I would suggest, no, insist to come back to ‘The Anchor’ another day and enjoy it with wine and good company so you can share a dish. By the way, that mozzarella was so fresh it was still missing the bull !

Bon appétit everyone! Don’t forget to have a pint with the students from King’s college, which is a stone’s throw away, they are entertaining.