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For everyone who is travelling the east coast of Australia, Byron Bay is a must. But I don’t have to tell you that – most everyone finds out about that anyway. And since Byron Bay is very popular with not only international travellers, but also Australian holiday-makers, it has a lot to offer. Next to Surf-Shops and clothing stores, you will have plenty of food options around. One of them is the Eatery on Jonson. And don’t go there on your first day – You will never want to try anything else anymore!

Don’t go there on your first day! You will not want to go anywhere else anymore.

From outside, you will see a moderately big restaurant with a bar and some tables out front. But make your way inside and in the back, you will find the more relaxed part of the Eatery with couches, colorful pillows and plenty of room to chill for a moment.

So, that’s where we sat down and got our lunch. And while we were waiting for our food, we had time to look around and see all the art work that was displayed on the walls. The Eatery is giving artists from the region the possibility to bring some joy to the world by hanging up their art-pieces in the restaurant for free. Very awesome!

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The Eatery on Jonson
18 Jonson Street
Byron Bay, NSW