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Did the last playlist of 2014, doing the first one for 2015. A new year means lots of new music, but also some new ideas to try out. From now on we’ll also be using Soundcloud playlists! This gives me the opportunity to finally share some tracks that aren’t available on Youtube.

Monsoonsiren – Sullen Fables
I tend to build up my playlists rather mellow, building up to a climax with more up-tempo songs. Starting this week’s playlist with Nathan Menon aka Monsoonsiren, an Indian musician signed to the Project: Mooncircle label. Nathan’s soothing vocals sound really good on Galimatias’ production.

Flako – Illusions
Flako aka Dirg Gerner is one of my favorite producers/singers. Flako has a large repertoire containing all sorts of different styles… from head bopping hip hop beats to more melodic, vocal soul/R&B songs. Looking forward to his new album, which is dropping this year.

Betty Ford Boys – So Fine
Before releasing their ‘Retox’ album, the Betty Ford Boys released a 10” record called ‘Uppers/Downers’, which features this track. These guys made one of my favorite instrumental hip-hop albums of 2014. Be sure to check out the solo projects of Dexter, Brenk Sinatra and Suff Daddy as well.

Master Blazter – Protoblazter
While the mainstream music industry is starting to pay more attention to ‘funk’ music, the ‘underground’ scene is still providing gems. Master Blazter is an electronic/funk trio consisting of Computer Jay, Dâm-Funk and the late J-1. Fat bass lines, tight drums and funky synths… gotta love the rawness.

D-Ribeiro – The Purple Ghost Dance
First time I heard/read about D-Ribeiro was about a year ago, on D-Ribeiro is a Dutch producer who’s influenced by Detroit techno, Chicago house and Herbie Hancock. This new project, released on Meda Fury, sounds funky and playful. Be sure to check out the rest of the EP.

Eliphino – Lay Me Down
Not a ‘new’ track, but one that caught my attention while I was digging for some music by Seven Davis Jr. This track was released on a 12” by The Love Below label, featuring reworks and edits by Seven Davis Jr and REKchampa. This track is a remix of’s ‘Lay Me Down’. Many people don’t know that released a solo project called ‘Lost Change’, back in 2001. It’s a pretty decent album, so don’t be afraid to check it out.

Nick Hook – J.A.M.I.T. (feat. Egyptian Lover)
What do you get when Nick Hook, Serato and Ninja Tune work together on a project? An EP that features legendary producers Egyptian Lover, Todd Edwards, Jersey producers DJ Sliink and Nadus and many other upcoming artists. This song offers Egyptian Lover’s trademark 808 sound with haunting synths. Put on your dancing shoes.