Listen, playlists, 2015-02-09

British favourites

If there is one thing I am proud of about being British, it is that the UK does quite well in one of its most notable exports; music. So this Monday I thought to share a list of some of my old time British favourites which have led to inspire me over the years and continue to rumble around my playlists. So lets start:

Clean Bandit ft. Love Ssega: Telephone Banking

Clean Bandit had a lot of style and talent going for them from the get go. I happened to stumble upon them a couple of years ago before their hit ‘Rather Be’ made an international sensation. ’Telephone Banking’ is about a past relationship and the assessment of where the two are now. This upbeat tune coupled with the bands love for videography brings us also this beautiful music video, making it, even to this day, one of my all time favourites.

Raleigh Ritchie - Stronger Than Ever

Raleigh Ritchie (AKA Jacob Anderson) also appears in HBO's 'Game of Thrones' as Grey Worm but is also trying to make his mark on the London music scene. This raw confession is a testament to the harshness of his move to London from hometown Bristol as he attempts to ‘Not be crushed by this town’. An up and coming talent people are truly getting excited about.

Alt-J - Taro

I’ve been a fan for a while and this song started it all. It’s a beautiful journey that, when played, always makes me slow down, breathe, and enjoy the moment. Magic I tell ya.

Cave Painting - Rio

Cave Painting is a band from Brighton with only one album out so far, ‘Votive Life’, which was released in 2012. Although they have not produced any new work recently, I still find myself going back to this beautiful, stand alone album. ‘Leaf’ is another beautiful tune and ‘Nickel’ is just simply haunting and worth a listen.

Yinyues - Everything ft Mimi Page

Do you ever have that one song that has the power to evoke so much in you? ‘Everything’ by Yinyues is exactly that for me. Simply chilling, this piece can have my creative juices flowing instantly. Yinyues is a young Londoner full of talent and I cannot wait to see what else is coming from him.

Mark Ronson, The Business Intl. - Bang Bang Bang

I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of his new hit ‘Uptown Funk’ which I think is slightly overplayed almost everywhere. But it has served to remind me of an oldie, ‘Bang Bang Bang’, Ronson’s explosive rap/pop score from 2010. Still wandering my playlists, this upbeat collab can bring some colour to that dreary Monday.

Bastille feat. Ella - No Angels

When south London’s quartet Bastille tried to revive the 90’s TLC hit ‘Scrubs’ coupled with some XX and the beautiful vocals of Ella, things got interesting in what has been characterised as a ‘bold blend’ which aptly works.