Listen, playlists, 2015-05-18

The London Stokey Playlist

We are working together with lunar gravity on renewing the website. Why Not Monday 2.0 will go live this summer. Exciting times! The monday playlist will still be an important part of the website, but travel is going to get more attention. Last week I was in London for a Stokey travel guide and these were 7 of my most listened tracks while exploring this borough.



Turn back around - RHODES

Two weeks ago we got the chance to see a showcase of RHODES in Amsterdam, this song got stuck in my head ever since. Make sure to check his tour, because he's great live. On the 20th of June he will perform at Best Kept Secret.

Words - Erik Hassle

At that same showcase we met Erik Hassle. A swede living in LA. Creating poppy music about love and heartbreaks. This one is more cheerful than we are used to, but it sure is an earwurm.

Champagne Coast - Blood Orange

After seeing Blood Orange live during Field Day, I keep on linking them to London. Great music to wander around this city. Awesome video too.

Fast Lane - Rationale

I heard this song in Disco Naïvité's playlist on 22 tracks. Jarri always knows how to spot the best songs in this genre. A great playlist to discover new music, his blog is also a great one to follow!

Oh Sheit it's X - Thundercat

Produced by FlyLo around a year ago. A song to get you started on your Monday. Enjoy!

My Love - Route 94

A hit last year, but I secretly still like it. Discovered it again on Stokey's Best's Playlist on spotify.

Nova - Bicep

I saw Bicep live last weekend in The Oval Space, and what a party it was. Also great music to work hard to!