Nicosia, 2014-03-31

The past few months have been uber hectic but now my workload has lessened I will finally have the time to continue writing for WNM, which I’m excited about! Since I only have a limited time left in sunny Cyprus before I move on to new places, I wanted to share some of the hidden gems that can be found in Nicosia.

I have lived here for three years now and I have to say, on the surface Nicosia seemed to be a bit of a puzzle initially. Thankfully I started exploring the city in depth and was quickly intrigued by what I began to discover.

Nicosia is the last divided capital of Europe, split between where I live, the Republic of Cyprus in the south and the Turkish occupied Northern Cyprus. Within the Venetian walls of the old city, many small independent establishments started appearing (which truly makes the old city a new bustling centre).

One such establishment is one of my all time favourite hang outs; The Weaving Mill (AKA Yfantourgeio in Greek).

This place is a great location to come and get some work done, go for a coffee with friends in the late afternoon or have a glass of wine or beer in the evening. The place is surrounded by an extensive library mainly focused on the arts, film and classical literature. You can also borrow a book for a small deposit –points for the promotion of reading– which will be returned to you upon returning the book.

It’s a lively place which always has a faithful and albeit, cultural crowd.

For tea lovers it boasts an extensive selection but not only. I personally chose a traditional cypriot coffee (AKA arabic coffee/turkish coffee) and a yoghurt desert adorned with honey and hazelnuts. Bliss. The intense flavour of the coffee roast is deeply rooted into Cyprus’ rich history which served as a cultural hotspot of trade for thousands of years (it is the sole island situated between the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa). I’m half Greek-Cypriot so the intense roast felt familiar to say the least.

The staff is super friendly and the ambience of the place sticks with you. That night a table of Greek soldiers began playing a traditional mandolin and singing. In mere minutes everyone was mesmerised and joined in the spontaneous fun. It was at that moment I realised I’m going to miss Nicosia, it’s undefinable nature and character stays in the minds of anyone who visits.

The Weaving Mill is a must see if one is visiting the island and can be found within the confines of the old city. Explore the small winding streets then stop for a drink, grab a book and take in the feel of this very different and historical city.



Weaving Mill, 67-71 Lefkonos Street Phaneromeni, Nicosia