NYC, Visit, 2015-02-23

I think I saw this place pass by on my instagram a million times before actually making it there recently. It’s the coffee shop picture perfect that everybody likes, located in the heart of Williamsburg. It’s Toby’s Estate coffee in Brooklyn.

I love the giant open space of this place and the large windows. I love the wall with all it’s little interesting gadgets that makes for the picture perfect coffee picture. I love the wood and I love that you can actually see how they brew the coffee. This place is just as much a coffee lab as a coffee place and where you would go not only to get your coffee for the day but also to buy your coffee and learn about coffee.

Toby is a coffee artisan wanting to share his love for coffee with everyone and in every cup. While they now also have two locations in Manhattan (Flatiron and West Village), the Brooklyn location is the original. This is where they roast and cup the coffee and is home to their brewing school.

While I love a good coffee and as a coffee lover I truly and deeply appreciate the effort and dedication they put into each cup, I am also not the only one and the place is often packed with people camping out for half the day with their laptops in all the good seats – then again this is New York and this can be said about many places. Located in the heart of Williamsburg (aka Hipsterville), you could classify this place ‘painfully hip’. Because it is really cool and all that and the coffee is amazing, but everybody knows that and it’s literally the place where all the cool kids will come hang out.

Rarely though will you find a place where making coffee and serving the perfect cup is still preserved as an art. And as a coffee addict, I can only say: amen to that.

Go be one of the cool kids!


-Toby’s Brooklyn
125 N 6th Street,
Brooklyn, NY

-Toby’s Flatiron
160 5th Avenue,
New York

-Toby’s West Village
44 Charles Street
New York