Visit, 2014-11-03

Why Not Monday had the chance to meet Stephanie Tang. This 26 year old ambitious Bruxelloise could actually write a book about how much she likes food and cooking. When she starts talking about food, she has got glittering eyes. Pure passion. The thing that she loves most is the powerfulness of food. It can unite people from different cultures and backgrounds and can be more powerful than words.

Food unites people from different cultures and can be more powerful than words. That’s why I fell in love with food.

With all that passion for good food, Stephanie started to dream of a new concept to bring foodies together. Within two weeks, the first edition of Undisclosed Dinner will take part in Brussels. Exciting times!

Do you also want to experience an unconventional delicious evening at a secret location in Brussels? Don’t forget to book one of the 80 available seats!


WNM: In short, what is Undisclosed Dinner?

It is simple: three talented chefs, one unique 4-course menu and eighty adventurous foodies in an undisclosed location. The first edition takes place on November 17th. And it is coincidentally a Monday!

WNM: What inspired you to start Undisclosed Dinner?
I love how Culinaria promotes Belgian Michelin-starred chefs. With Undisclosed Dinner, I wanted to put forward less known yet talented chefs. There are so many of them in Belgium!

WNM: Which chefs are cooking on November 17?
As the first Undisclosed Dinner will take place in Brussels, I naturally chose three chefs from the capital. You will meet: Jacques-Olivier Charles from the Delicatessen Restaurant, Kenzo Nakata from Gramm and Mathias Dircx from aub-svp.

WNM: Who’s your all time favorite chef?
It is undoubtedly my dad, he hasn’t attended any cooking classes but he has learned all the techniques by himself: he cooks since he was 13 years old.
Don’t tell him but I also love Philippe Conticini’s pastries and Arabelle Meirlaen’s inspiring “intuitive kitchen”.

WNM: How are your Mondays going lately?
Busy! The chefs’ restaurants are closed on Mondays so it is pretty much the only day they are available. Last Monday for example, I took an afternoon off and we wrote down all the ingredients to order, it was the longest grocery list I have ever seen!

WNM: What’s on your bucket list?
Learn about Europe’s food culture through a road trip. And then repeat it in South East Asia.

WNM: What are you cooking tonight?
Chicken Thai satay are marinating in the fridge! We will then have a salad with roasted butternut squash and goat cheese. Perfect for a mild autumn evening!


Are you a real foodie and are you free on November 17? Book a seat at the first edition of Undisclosed Dinner in Brussels, where enthusiastic chefs and adventurous foodies get together to enjoy an extraordinary evening. Each Undisclosed Dinner is unique. What are you still waiting for? The Why Not Monday team is already looking forward to it. See you there?


Jasmina & Deborah