Drinks, Make, 2017-02-13

Spring is around the corner and the oranges are as juicy as they can get. Thinking of serving of an apéro that invites your guests to dream of a hot Summer nights? Well, you might want to try Volmer for your next dinner party.

Volmer is a refreshing aperitif with a bitter-sweet taste and a fruity touch. Its origin is in the Provence, a gorgeous region in the South of France. The current version of this refreshing drink is inspired by the recipe of ‘Madame’ Volmer, who made her own aperitif in the ‘50s.
It is made from rosé wine, a distillate of sweet and bitter oranges, cane sugar and spices. Annelies Lefere’s family, owner of Maison Volmer, received this recipe from Madame Volmer herself in the ’70s.  A well hidden secret for many years…  (Currently only available in Belgium)

Serving it is as easy as it gets, you can go for a classic on the rocks or prepare it with tonic.

How do you make it?

1. add ice
2. add 2 parts Volmer
3.  and 3 parts Tonic

4. flavour with the zest of an orange
5. Curl the peel of an orange and add to the drink