Announcements, 2016-02-22

I love traveling, but I also love being able to hold on to traveling by bringing something unique back from a place. I usually aim for some jewelry or a piece of clothing, something that I’ll actually use/wear and won’t disappear in a closet after a while.
So when a whole while back Philippe from Walldog approached me, it turned out to be a great collaboration. 

Walldog brings travel to your closet. They collect prints and stories from around the world and print them on tees, tanks and sweaters. They also make a video about these signs and the owners of the shops they belong to. The whole idea behind this is that heritage should survive. In our modern world where we are bulldozed by large corporations and shops, it’s important to help preserve authenticity and to pay tribute to the craftsmanship and personality of little shops around the globe. That is what Walldog is all about.
A part of what they earn will also return to the origin of the story and will go to good causes in the areas where they source signs and stories. And that way they’re hoping to create a sustainable loop of societal value which will hopefully help keep stories and shops like these alive.

When I was in Mexico about 2 years ago, it was right after I had learned about Walldog and had had a bucket load of espresso’s with Philippe and he asked me to please bring him a sign from Mexico. And so I did. (it’s the little dog in the top right of the picture below).
It’s been a pleasure to be part of this company and to see them launch last Friday. Lots of love, hard work and dedication to preserving signs and telling real stories from all over the world has lead to some amazing t-shirts and sweaters. But it’s also so much more than just a t-shirt. It’s someone’s story you’ll know and wear, someone’s heart and soul and dedication to his craft somewhere around the globe.

It’s all about giving love and getting some back. The stories of the people behind these shops and signs are so incredible. From Mexico to India, from Portugal to Italy and Africa. There’s a lot of heart and soul bundled together right here. Be sure to check them out and show them some love.