Buy, Drink, Eat, Ghent, 2015-11-09


WATT has everything under one roof. The new Ghent-based platform houses ten different concepts in a vacant seventies building. The result is a wilful mix of design, art, food and drinks.

To begin with my number one favourite: brunch spot Boom is a must visit for anyone who loves healthy, yet delicious food with a twist. Coincidentally a heaven on earth for vegans and vegetarians, as the whole menu is meat-free and can be made vegan if you let them know in advance. Boom also accommodates people with intolerances for lactose or gluten and anything else is also possible upon request.

Less products, but far from lesser taste is the rule at Boom. For €35 you can enjoy a four-course menu abounding with specialties such as quinoa-granola, coconut yoghurt and buckwheat pancakes. Besides all that, I have not even mentioned the beautiful interior, evoking a fallen tree. A living wall of ferns represents the sole of the tree, the long wooden table serves as the tree’s trunk, ending in a series of ceiling plants imitating a treetop. Aside from the beautiful decor the service is also super friendly.

After a meal come the drinks. At WATT you have two places to choose between. There is Charlene De Buyseres coffee bar, where the lady of the house serves you freshly ground beans like no other. As the world champion in AeroPressing and Belgian’s Champion Barista you can only imagine the quality of the coffee served in this bar.

The other favourite is Pony’s by Jigger’s cocktail bar, a temporary second establishment of Jigger’s the Noble Drugstore, one of Ghent’s fixed values. Cocktails are made on request, tailored to your personal taste and the resulting drink is at least equally divine as in the original bar. To those interested the bartender provides an in depth explanation of all the ingredients used in the given cocktail. A heavenly pleasure in a nice seventies setting.

For those who fancy magazines there is good news too. Not Too Arty, originally an online magazine shop, converted the shop to a physical storefront for WATT. The result is a room replete with magazines. Ranging from Kaltblut to The Gentlewoman, there is something for every taste.

WATT pays attention to fashion, art and design. For starters there is the so called Black Balloon Lab. Part of the Ghentian, handcrafted fashion and jewelry collection of the eponymous brand Black Balloon is permanently on display. Next to it DIFT Gallery, an all-round creative platform, exhibits young photographers’ work and features part of the Rombaut shoe collection, among other things.

As if all this were not enough, the Antwerp-based interior and lifestyle shop Espoo also claimed its spot in the WATT-house. If you love unusual plants (who doesn’t), make sure to pay [t a k] a visit. And if your plants are in dire need of a health treatment head over to the plant nurse service. On a parting note: WATT’s rooftop will be equipped as a loft for the coming year and will be for rent on Airbnb. Sounds like a perfect excuse to make a trip to Ghent, I would say.