Meal, 2016-10-31

A fail proof recipe for a dark and cold Autumn evening.

Although I absolutely love Autumn ingredients such as butternut, pumpkin and oranges, I really don’t like coming home when it’s so dark. That’s why I thought it was time to share this comfort food recipe that is actually not as hard to make as it sounds!


My favourite type for rice for risotto is the Arborio, it has a nice texture and keeps its bite to it. Make sure to buy risotto rice that is good for instant use, some of them require an overnight soak.

The basic risotto recipe is olive oil, onions, vegetable stock, grated cheese and that’s it. By adding other ingredients you can create different flavours and sometimes textures.  I love a butternut risotto (stir in boiled and blended butternut and let it boil together with stock). The recipe were are making here is close to the basic recipe but adds some Autumn flavours thanks to the wild mushrooms. Avoid taking regular white mushrooms because they will lack flavour. The type of cheese also will change the dish a lot, if you like it a bit more salty I would suggest swapping the parmigiano for pecorino.

The secret ingredient for a successful risotto is the pan. Make sure you use a sauce pan that contains the temperature on a low heath. My partner in crime is the Oval ‘I love fish & vegetables’ Greenpan. It doesn’t only protect your ingredients from absorbing toxins, it also has a great non stick coat for a perfect result.

Let’s get cooking! 🍴

How do you make it?

1. Chop one small red onion and one garlic clove into fine pieces.

2. Brush off the dirt from the wild mushrooms and slice them into smaller pieces.

3. Fruit the onion and garlic in some olive oil, add the chopped mushrooms when the onions have a transparant texture. Make sure not to burn them.


4. Lower the heat of your stove. Pour 250gr of risotto rice into the pan and stir so the onions and oil covers the rice.

5. After a minute, pour 100ml of white wine over the mixture and let the rice soak it up.

6. Season with salt & pepper, stir and add 800ml of hot chicken broth.

7. Let it softly boil until all of the liquids have been absorbed by the rice. Normally you shouldn’t have to stir but occasionally you can.

8.  When the liquids have turned your rice into a creamy risotto, add the grated cheese and stir to combine. You can also add some dried spiced such as thyme, rosemary or sage.

9.  After serving the risotto, you can add some sliced cured meat such as Jamon Carrasco or prosciutto.