Drink, Eat, London, 2014-07-07


The smell of a fresh brew, what’s not to love? When it comes to coffee, London sure has a lot to offer. On my way to the heart of Shoreditch I stopped a Workshop Coffee on Clerkenwell Road for an ice cold brew. Much needed on that hot Summer day in London.

Workshop Coffee is probably one of the most popular roasters in London. With several venues, a wide selection of great beans and an online shop that’s dangerous for your Visa. When I was there they where in the process of starting a cupping. It’s obvious that it’s not just a coffee bar roasting, they have a mission. They want to teach  you about good coffee, have a look at their website for tips and stories about this beautiful product. As they say, for them, showcasing the best coffee possible means working closely with the best coffee growers, producers, exporters and co-operatives; those that are willing to develop, evolve and adapt as together we target ever-improving quality in the cup. For me, this kind of intensive processes are really admirable. It’s hard work, traveling across the globe, trying to help the locals, bringing back good quality products and still making sure your chain of coffee bars run smoothly.

Although they started as a coffee bar, nowadays some of their venues are open in the evening for you to have a gorgeous meal. Danger: you might suffer of excessive mouth watering when looking at their menu.  They’ve been chosen best Vegetarian Breakfast in town by  Observer Food Monthly. And they deserve it, I mean look at the description of this dish: smashed avocado, granary, feta cheese, roasted tomato and dukkah. Sound delicious right?

Besides serving delicious coffees with lovely pastries, having a great menu and shop, they also do it in style. All their venues have their own style with a touch of Workshop Coffee in it. Timeless design with a flair of Scandinavia. Made me feel right at home.